One Week In

For those of you that have been concerned, I am still alive. I had forgotten how busy starting a brand new job can make a person!

As far as how that new job is going – so far so good! Last week I got settled into my office (so strange to not have a classroom!) and then began right away to learn more about all my responsibilities. The first couple of days were filled with showing me the how and why of many things I’ll be doing, and there is a LOT. However, instead of being overwhelmed, I am excited to get to organize and strategize many of our efforts in order to streamline and make the process more efficient.

I also got the opportunity to visit a couple of campuses, take tours, and talk with campus directors, faculty, and other staff. Although I already had gleaned pieces of Ross’ vision through the various projects I have done here in the past (photo shoots, commercials, etc.), it was really helpful to get a behind-the-scenes look at what the various departments within a campus setting actually do. It made me believe that much more in our goals and ability to really help people make a profound change in their lives and their communities. I’m proud to be a part of an organization that is seeking to better the lives of others.

Once I got more of a picture of what we are about and what our goals are, I set out to develop a plan for our social media and marketing that spans at least the next year. With just the little bit that I have been able to implement so far, I am seeing results. It’s incredibly encouraging and hopeful to experience little successes so quickly. I am excited to see how I can continue to improve my part of what Ross is doing.

One slightly humorous yet terrifying development… If you have seen Office Space, you remember Milton. He was the strange and quietly comical character with an affinity for the “married” squirrels outside his window and the red Swingline on his desk. He was constantly used and abused, but he made us laugh. Well, frighteningly enough, I have a red Swingline that I am rather protective of (it’s so pretty!) and lately I have been very aware of a squirrel that runs around right outside my office window. It is dark brown with a blond tail. I have never seen a squirrel like that! I have noticed it every day I have been in the office so far and have yet to give it a name, so I think I am still safe… I hope…