Narrative camera

I need to get narrative

I was reading through the big news on CNN’s website – HA! – and I stumbled across a list of 25 totally unnecessary but desirable travel gadgets. I figured I would want all of them. Fortunately, I didn’t. HOWEVER, there were a few that caused me to do a bit more digging.

One of them was the BioLite Stove that can cook food while using the energy from the fire to charge your electronic devices. Yes please!

The next one was the SteriPen Ultra. It is a small light that emits diodes capable of killing over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa that live in non-potable water. WOW! I want that and I want to distribute them to all those living in areas without access to clean water. It reminded me of my Dominican Republic days and the many times I got amoebas and bacteria from the water. Forget travelers, let’s get this in the hands of those that need it!

Finally I looked a the site for the Narrative. Oh wow. I’m not sure whether to be covetous or disturbed… It’s a tiny, wearable 5mp camera that can hold up to 6,000 photos and has a battery life of two full days. Basically, once you turn it on, it takes a photo every two minutes. I have multiple simultaneous thoughts as reactions to such a product:

    Isn’t this a gross invasion of privacy?

    This will help catch criminals if you happen to witness a crime… or your shirt does…

    What about when you go to the bathroom?

    Can the government see everything you see??

    That’s a LOT of photos of most likely boring stuff… (over 12 hours, that would be 1,440 photos!)

    What about in the Sistine Chapel where all video/photo recording is expressly prohibited?? (I know, very specific… but really??)

Anyway, all that to say: I NEED this. It’s like an Istagrammer’s dream! Can you imagine?? I would never miss another memory or shot! The price tag for a year’s subscription is still a little hefty though at $279. Ouch.