Casper Bed with Mugs and Coffee

I Found the Perfect Bed

For quite some time I knew of the elusive “Casper” but had no idea they were a mattress company. In fact, I followed them on Twitter and believed them to be a brilliantly witty cynic or two sitting around in a dimly lit room lamenting the daylight and sharing scholarly articles about the detriments of sleep deprivation and the superiority of those of us that are quasi-nocturnal.

However, after sending a friend of mine a barrage of their more hilarious tweets (do yourself a favor and follow them), he asked me if I had “ever looked into buying a Casper.” Considering the fact that I believed Casper to be a small, cynical hipster collective, I was confused about how I would go about owning one and really whether the question was even PC. Then I finally looked past the brilliant quips and discovered that this “Casper” was in fact a company that claimed to have created “the perfect mattress.”

As someone who struggles nearly every night to fall asleep before it’s technically already morning, I am a sleep enthusiast. In fact, there are days that I wake up already scheming how I could sneak a nap and jealously counting the hours until I could once again be in my bed. In addition to the problem I faced of actually falling asleep at night was the one of my mattress. It was, in a word, nightmarish. Imagine a sleeping surface that was in one spot soft, another lumpy, and – ouch! – there’s a spring…

So, intrigued by their claim to have manufactured perfection, I decided to look into it further. That’s when I became even more impressed. They were selling this perfection at a reasonable price – especially if it actually did the seemingly impossible and helped me sleep. Then came the best part – well best TWO parts: 1. they offer payment plans that make the mattress very affordable, even on a budget and 2. they have a 100 night trial (and 10 year warranty). So, if on night 99 of sleeping on it I decide that I am just not that impressed, I let them know and they swing by, pick it up, and refund me 100%.

That’s when I knew I had to give it a shot. I ordered my Casper and then began the waiting process. During this time my archaic and obnoxiously imperfect mattress seemed even more torturous than it had before, and the day *the box* arrived, I all but threw it out a window.

Unboxing my Casper was a nearly magical experience. As it unfurled in all it’s not too hard, not too soft glory, I felt an affection that I had never expected to experience towards a mattress. But, then again, it’s not *just* a mattress. Sleeping on it that first night, I finally understood what they meant when they claimed that it “lovingly contours to your body.” Unlike memory foam with its manipulation and abuse that molds to your body but then traps you in one position for the remainder of your stay, it holds you ever so tenderly but knows to let you go, free to readjust. Casper accepts you in whatever position you come in and just makes you better. It IS the perfect bed.

The longer I own this mattress, the more I love it. In fact, as I lay on it typing this post, I have one thing to say: stop reading and go buy your own. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Also, to take $50 off that price tag, use this discount link.

Go buy the perfect bed. You won’t regret it. Although, even if you do (who ARE you?), just return it within 100 days – no hassle.