apple ipad mini

Her Name is לִבְנָה

I got a new toy! Please welcome לִבְנָה (Livna) to the world! She is a white iPad mini. Before you think that I am really profound in my naming process, please know that לִבְנָה is “white” in Hebrew. 😉

I’ve never even really considered getting an iPad because an iPad isn’t something anyone really needs. BUT, I am so excited that I have one! I was able to use travel rewards to buy it, so free iPads are definitely something people need. I’m very excited to be able to use it to read and to show photos to clients and friends. The screen is so much bigger than my phone’s and it’s SO much lighter and more convenient that my laptop! I’m thankful!

I feel like a whole new world of apps has been opened up to me now! Please let me know if there are any iPad apps that you absolutely love and want to pass along!