New Save on Facebook July 21, 2014

Facebook Now, Facebook Later

Social networking consumes over three hours of the average American’s day. That means that the around 200 million Facebook users in the US are skimming through their newsfeed on their computers, phones, and tablets every day for more than an hour most likely.

That’s a lot of wasted time right? I know for me, pulling out my phone and checking Instagram or Facebook is a reflex to boredom. Many times, when I have been going all day, as soon as I sit down, my phone or iPad comes out and I immerse myself in social media. Why? I honestly have no idea. I’m not even that interested, but there’s always the chance that, if I don’t open Facebook, I’ll miss something. Not only will I potentially miss the hot gossip or photos of my friends’ weddings, babies, cookouts, and parties, but also those interesting articles!

Really though, sometimes a friend posts an article on Facebook that I want to read. Typically though, I am just absent-mindedly stalking my acquaintances in a few minutes of down time, so I don’t really have time to read it. Sometimes I will open a new tab for the article and just keep it open until I get a chance, but more often I make a mental note to go back and find it. How often do I remember and make time to search for AND read an article from Facebook? Yeah, never. But what happened yesterday changed everything.

Facebook has officially made it possible to not only waste time now, but also to actually prepare yourself for future time-wasting! Yesterday they released Save for Facebook. This allows users to save pages, places, and links in order to access and enjoy them later. So, you never have to miss another interesting, controversial, or mind-numbing link that a friend shares!

I know that my tone is sarcastic and perhaps a little cynical, and I’m sorry if you love your Facebook and are hurt or offended. I only judge because I am one of you. The reality is, although I don’t check Facebook often since I deleted it from my iPhone, I have started to come back around at a startling rate after installing the app on my new iPad (yes, she’s doing well, thanks for asking!) and I am a little annoyed with myself. Not only am I irritated at my newly rediscovered time-sucking activity, I am also exasperated with the sheer number of tabs open in safari on my iPad because of seeing things that look worthwhile in my newsfeed and deciding to open them to read later. Now, Facebook’s “Save” will do just that for my poor iPad even though it will do the opposite for my time.

Oh, Facebook, where will your brilliant manipulations end?