Day 8: Mykonos

Mykonos has got to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! As soon as we started coming towards the port, I knew I’d be in love. I was right. Not only is it beautiful, it’s filled with winding little streets and adorable, quaint shops and cafes. Like many of the Greek Isles, all the buildings are painted white with blues here and there. I only wish that photo could capture it!

We got to spend a few hours on this lovely island. First we checked out the windmills on the edge of the island. Seven of the windmills are right near the port and can be seen from anywhere in the town as they sit up on a hill. After getting lots of pictures, we ventured down into the town. The colors of doors, windows, and staircases were beautiful and stuck out brightly against all the white. The shops held all sorts of unique clothes and jewelry. After shopping a bit, we walked down to the beach. The sun was setting, so it was an especially breathtaking view. We also got to see the shops and restaurants built right off the edge of the cliffs on the side of the island. They had stilts down into the water that kept them from tumbling in. It was really incredible. Everything is so cramped that cars can’t travel so people have to walk or use motorbikes.

Another thing that you’ll see in one of these photos that I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet is the plethora of stray cats and dogs everywhere in Greece. We asked Jacob, our tour director, about this. He said that putting cats or dogs down is illegal in Greece. So, people take care of all the strays and use Facebook and other resources to try to find them homes. But it’s so strange to have a stray dog or cat just lounging around ancient sites or coming up for you to pet them.