Day 6: Epidaurus, Mycenae, Corinth Canal, & Athens

First we visited the ruins of the ancient city Mycenae. The view was incredible! This site was once the central kingdom of a huge portion of the ancient Greek empire. It was so intricately planned and positioned very near to a port. It is also the city of the legendary husband of Helen of Troy. The sophistication in the building of the city was astounding. They must have had some impressive technology to be able to transport all of the stone to the mountain and then build with it! One theory is that it was all done by Cyclopes.

Then, we stopped at the Epidaurus theater. It has amazing acoustics and we played around with them, seeing where we could hear each other. A few people sang and talked from the stage and we could hear them so well, even in the top row! It was really neat. Our guide told us that many performances of ancient plays are still held there. I would love to see one!

Then, we headed to the bus and onward to Athens, stopping briefly to see the impressive Corinth Canal. This canal connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf therefore making the peninsula an island. It is four miles long but only 70 feet wide at the base, so although it saves a trip around of 430 miles, it is impassable by most freighters. So, at this point it is mostly used for only tourists.

We are all excited to finally be in Athens! Our hotel is right downtown with easy access to a metro station. We are going to tour all over the city tomorrow! I can’t wait to see the Acropolis and Mars Hill! Also, we have a really cool, open-air rooftop bar and pool that we can’t wait to check out! So, we are going to do that and then SLEEP!!

Thanks for following us! See you tomorrow!