On a crisp February morning in Kansas City, Missouri, Michaela Joy Klusman embarked on her journey of life. Leading a bit of a nomadic lifestyle in her early years, Michaela lived in a variety of locations including Missouri, Oklahoma, and Indiana. During this time she often found solitude in books and the world of literature. The characters and stories created by various authors illuminated her imagination, sparking a love of literature, writing, creativity and the English language.

Michaela KlusmanThroughout Michaela’s teen years, her love of storytelling extended into a myriad of different mediums. In the midst of a period of teen angst, Michaela was able to express the depth of her emotion through poetry and photography. During this time she also discovered a love of different cultures, people and languages. The gypsy-esque lifestyle in which Michaela was raised has extended into her college years, as she has taken the opportunity to travel all over the world. She has spent time in numerous different countries, including the Dominican Republic, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Jamaica, Haiti, Turkey, and England.

As she has roamed throughout the world, her creativity blossomed and has shaped the path of her life. Michaela has earned multiple degrees in English, Spanish, Liberal Studies and Education. As a teacher, she loves to share her love of culture, language and beauty, hopefully to spark the same passions within her students. Her photographic eye and creativity has also opened up doors for business opportunities, as well as continued self-expression. Michaela loves finding beauty and life in the most unexpected locations, and sharing it with others.